Building & Restoring Log Homes Across Montana

Building Maintenance & Restoration Services

Cascade Log Homes provides complete log home building, restoration, and maintenance services. Whether you want to repair and restore an old building to its former glory or are finishing a new building, we can help.

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Log Replacement & Repair

For any living matter exposed to the elements, decay is a natural process. Wood is no exception and can be weakened through a number of factors including rain, sleet, UV-ray exposure, snow, bugs, and so on. In the event your logs are showing signs of decay, we will work with you to identify the appropriate repair and replacement process. We will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your home. We provide complete log replacement and will safely remove any rot. It is our goal to preserve as much of the original wood surface as possible.

Giving Your Home a Facelift?

Adding log siding or accents to your existing home is the perfect way to add rustic character and appeal. We provide options for both the interior and exterior of your home. We will work with you to give your home the warm, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere you’re looking for.

Chink & Caulk Replacement

Chinking and caulking are some of the final steps of the log home construction process. Both products act as a seal, but caulking is meant to blend in or be hidden. Chinking, on the other hand, provides a more decorative element, while also helping you conserve energy and protect your building from water, air, and insects. Whether your building needs chinking or caulking depends on the log style used. You can count on us for both chinking and caulking removal and replacement services.

Stain Removal

The stain used on your log building not only adds aesthetic appeal, but it also protects your logs from the elements. Stain removal often coincides with chinking replacement and log repairs. We remove the old stain with media blasting or chemical strips. Media blasting removes the stain and exposes the log’s natural, bare surface. Chemical finish removers are used in combination with pressure washing to make sure all of the previous finish is removed. Once the old stain is removed and the logs are properly prepared, we will apply a new stain to protect your home from all weather conditions.

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Repairing Your Home On Your Own?

We are distributors of Perma Chink and Sashco log products and can have your products delivered to your door. Both of these brands produce a comprehensive range of products including stains and finishes, cleaning products, restoration products, and more. We stand behind their products and will help you choose the products which fit your project needs.

Have questions? Ready to restore your log home or building? Give Cascade Log Homes a call at 406-468-2867today. We are happy to address any questions you have.

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